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At Fearless Tools we believe that you can do great work wherever you are, and at any time.  We are making the tools that make this easier, and challenging the established rules about how people work.


If your working life is restricted by time or location we believe you shouldn’t be a second-class worker and we want to help you

Suddenly in a distributed team?

Timeshift Messenger is perfect for teams that are now working in a totally distributed way due to social distancing restrictions.

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Two problems facing businesses today:

1. Unproductive Meetings: Meetings are widely hated by many and a mostly unproductive use of time. There is a growing recognition that the use of asynchronous communication methods (like slack & email) as an alternative bring benefits to productivity, quality of work and employee satisfaction. However, those solutions lose the benefits of face-to-face communication.

2. Remote or time-restricted workers:If you need to communicate with a remote worker, especially if they work different hours, the standard solution is conference or video call but that may then be at anti-social hours or take days to schedule. Conference calls can also put the remote participants at a disadvantage: This can lead to poor engagement, reduced effectiveness and low productivity.

How can Fearless Tools help ?

If you could combine the flexibility of email/chat with the rich nature of a video call, you could:

  • Capture detail in your own time: available where anyone who needs it can find it.
  • Allow for expression and nuance (and less typing).
  • Use screen sharing to allow talk-through of prepared slides.
  • Work now – not wait for everyone to be available.
  • Catch-up when it suits you.

This will:

  • Reduce interruptions and improve productivity.
  • Improve staff well-being by allowing flexibility and more sociable hours.
  • Ensure the right people get involved instead of the most available people.
  • Allow the use of un-tapped talent with time or location restrictions.

Timeshift Messengers is our solution for your team.

Not another app I have to use…

You might already be juggling text messages, emails, slack channels, skype and various conf calls to communicate with your team.

We can simplify this with our solution as it integrates with existing collaboration platforms:

  • Use existing sign-in accounts from Azure or Google. No registration in Timeshift is needed.
  • Organise your work through your platform (e.g. Basecamp)
  • Use Timeshift add-ons to capture meetings, chats and presentations directly through the platform.
  • Stop using voice-mails, video-calls, email, sms, and other channels offline.

Timeshift is a free voice and video messenger. It is accessible through web-browser or iOS & Android apps so you can use it wherever you are.

See our the Integrations page for the current platforms we work with. We are working on more all the time.

Timeshift is FREE for as long as you wish, but if you pay for a subscription you get extra features.

Goto the Subscription page to get more information and sign-up.

You can try out Timeshift here and now – no need to register.


Or install the iOS or Android app:  (**CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE**)

Transient Data

Every word you say in a meeting or call might be useful to someone else in your business. Even the fact that you are discussing a topic is useful information.

Keeping the right people in the loop helps your business make better decisions.

We aim to capture that information for you, tease out the useful nuggets and help you share it with the people that need to know.

Time Efficiency

Are you wasting valuable time in long, largely-irrelevant meetings that took weeks to arrange, or do you spend a lot of time making calls to people to say the same thing repeatedly?  These are both productivity killers and we want to help.

Perhaps you work a lot with colleagues in different time-zones and have to join conference calls at anti-social hours. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Communication should be easy.

Technology exists which can make it quick, rich and effective, so let’s use it.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

We’ve built an cloud-based analysis service which integrates with our tools to provide the data you want and need.

A simple example is searchable text transcripts of voice & video messages.

Service subscribers get access to our platform which is continually evolving to provide new features and insights.

You have total control over how the data is used and shared to help your business succeed.

Good communication makes for good business, Make better use of your time!