Welcome to Timeshift – An innovative all-platform voice/video & text  messenger


Our intelligence cloud platform is the core of what we do, and if you are a user of one of our access tools (like Timeshift), then our platform’s services are included. As we add more features and services to the platform, more tools will be made available and extra features added to the existing tools.

Great for Project Management

What is timeshift?

– Team Messaging Application which uses voice/video/screen-share & text .

– A hybrid of instant messaging, video calling and email-like functionality targeted at teams and learning environments.

– Quick, efficient, simple user interface.

– Messages are organised by topic so keep discussion focussed.

– Cloud storage only for access anywhere.

– Designed to improve communication for distributed teams and location or time-restricted team members.

– Voice to text gives search-ability and increases accessibility for hearing impaired or foreign-language users.

– Timeshift is NOT a social media platform. Access is restricted only to your chosen team or to others you give specific access.

Timeshift Subscriptions Offer – First Month FREE

You can buy a subscription right now, pay nothing and get it activated immediately.

Just choose the maximum size for your team and a unique name.

Your payment details are not used except for payment so you will still need to register on the tool and the email address can be different from your paypal one.

You will not be charged until the end of the first month, and you can cancel at any time by cancelling you paypal subscription. When cancelled your team accounts will be suspended within 24 hrs.

You can upgrade to a larger team subscription at any time by emailing us at sales@fearlesstools.cloud.

If you want to know more, or talk to us about a different package for your team, please contact us.

Timeshift Subscriptions Offer – First Month FREE