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Our intelligence cloud platform is the core of what we do, and if you are a user of one of our access tools (like Timeshift), then our platform’s services are included. As we add more features and services to the platform, more tools will be made available and extra features added to the existing tools.

You can register and use Timeshift for FREE but a subscription will enable extra features. FREE accounts switch to economy-class after a trial period.

Click on the logo to open the App and register.

Reduced availability

Please note that the smartphone apps for Timeshift are currently unavailable so your subscription will only provide access to the chrome browser version. This is fully functional on android phones but on IOS no video or audio recording will function.

Timeshift Subscriptions

You can buy a subscription right now, and get it activated immediately, then enjoy business-class features.

Just choose the maximum size for your team and a unique name.

Your payment details are not used except for payment so you will still need to register on the tool and the email address can be different from your paypal one.

You will immediately, but you can cancel at any time by cancelling you paypal subscription. When cancelled your team accounts will be suspended within 24 hrs.

You can upgrade to a larger team subscription at any time by emailing us at

If you want to know more, or talk to us about a different package for your team, please contact us.

Go Business Class !

Team size (no of users)
Choose a unique team name

Do you want to pay by invoice, or some other method?

If so then please get in touch at and we will be happy to help.

The Full Registration Process

  1. You buy a subscription for your team from us and you will be sent a unique registration key.
  2. Use the registration key to register as a user on Timeshift. This will make you team owner.
  3. You will receive an email with a verification link.
  4. Follows that link to verify and activate the account.
  5. Login to  Timeshift on the web, or on the smartphone apps and invite your other team members to join the team.

See the differences between classes of account

Economy Class Accounts:
Video Recording :good
Transcribed text :good
Preview Transcriptions: limited
Transcription speed : queued
Email transcripts : No
Notification Emails : No
3rd party integrations : No
Active Topics: limited
Archive Topics: auto-deleted
Topic Size: limited
Business Class Accounts:
Video Recording :best
Transcribed text :best
Preview Transcriptions: unlimited
Transcription speed : ASAP
Email transcripts : Yes
Notification Emails : Yes
3rd party integrations : Yes
Active Topics: High Limit
Archive Topics: High Limit
Topic Size: High Limit