Timeshift brings media recording to your Basecamp discussions. If you are a Timeshift subscriber just goto the dedicated basecamp management page and authorise access to your existing Basecamp account.

If you have not yet subscribed to Timeshift just sign up your team. Basecamp integration is available to all subscribers and works with Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3 projects.

Once you have authorised access you can simply link any existing Basecamp discussions with Timeshift and add video, audio and screen-shares to enhance your content. See screenshot below:

Basecamp management in Timeshift

Timeshift synchronises all content in the discussion onto both platforms so you can choose whichever interface suits your need.  See the screenshot below for a discussion viewed on both platforms.  Timeshift adds web-links to the top of the Basecamp discussion so that you can easily jump to the other platform. This also works in the mobile apps.

A discussion seen in both Timeshift and Basecamp

Suggested uses:

  • Use Timeshift to record a meeting and have it transcribed right into text in the Basecamp discussion.
  • Use Timeshift to play your existing conversation like a podcast using text to voice and allow threaded replies, seamlessly blended in with media contributions.
  • Record product walk-through’s using Timeshift’s screen-recording function and compose a step-by-step guide for your customers or team.

Linking a Basecamp Message to Timeshift