If you work in any sort of team then you need to exchange ideas and information. When you can’t meet in person, there are lots of options, but you often end up using a mixture – which is sometimes a problem.

So we took the most useful parts of conference calls, video calling, email and instant messaging and combined them into one simple product
– but with a twist!
With Timeshift there’s no need to speak to each person individually or wait until everyone is free at the same time, you just communicate to your team when it suits you.

Open the Timeshift App:

What is timeshift?

– Team Messaging Application which uses voice/video/screen-share & text .

– A hybrid of instant messaging, video calling and email-like functionality targeted at teams and learning environments.

– Quick, efficient, simple user interface.

– Messages are organised by topic so keep discussion focussed.

– Cloud storage only for access anywhere.

– Designed to improve communication for distributed teams and location or time-restricted team members.

– Voice to text gives search-ability and increases accessibility for hearing impaired or foreign-language users.

– Timeshift is NOT a social media platform. Access is restricted only to your chosen team or to others you give specific access.

Registration is simple and FREE and you can use it for FREE permanently.

Click this link to view the service in demo mode – no need to register now.

Or install the iOS or Android app: (not currently available)

Play this video to see the Timeshift at work


Any time

Record your contribution to the discussion as soon as you have it. Voice, Video, Screen-share or just text.  Listen to the whole topic when you are available. Text entries are read for you so you can treat it like a podcast.

Any place

Timeshift runs in web browsers so you can use it on any desktop, laptop or smartphone*.

What’s the point?

Create a topic, have the discussion then archive it and move on. Don’t have one meeting for 20 topics all mixed up.

Create a media story

Timeshift is like a tape recorder. You can keep adding audio and video to your topic to build up a story for your meeting, customer visit, event or other situation. Then when finished it can be played back easily by anyone in your team.

Build your presentation

Add your content piece by piece using any content from your screen. A whole new way to disseminate information.

Think before you speak

Consider what you want to say, then just press record and get on with your work.

Didn’t catch something?

Rewind and listen again.

Not happy with what you said?

Delete and record again.

Threaded conversations

Just like email you can reply to a particular point and follow that thread until it’s resolved.

Like to read?

Voice entries are transcribed to text so you can read them if you prefer or email yourself a whole topic transcript.

*Modern browsers only. Specific requirements for recording audio and video can be found on the support page..