Key Features

Instant messaging for teams with online-only storage.

Cross-platform web interface.

Desktop Screen Recording *

Video, Audio or Text contribution modes with spoken playback of text-only entries.

Automatic transcription of video and audio to text.

Searchable topics and message transcripts.

Threaded conversations.

Time-shift viewing of in-progress recordings which allows for meetings to be joined after they began.

Spoken prompts from assistant.

Email integration for transcripts.

Team management: Create teams and add/remove members whenever you wish to manage access to topics.


Simple user interface optimised for small screens (mobile) or pull-out desktop tabs.

Automatic transcribing of speech to text.

Notification of topic additions on iOS and Android.

 Automatic breaking of recordings into useful segments.

Automatic recording stop if silence is detected.

Tracking and flagging of read and un-read items  and topics.

Notifications by email of changes to topics when you are not checking.

Application and Security

Uses the latest HTML5 media API providing cross-platform support.

Tested on:

  • Chrome or Firefox browser on Mac,Windows,Linux,Android
  • Safari browser on Mac**
  • Safari and Chrome on IOS 7 and IOS 10**
  • Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on windows10 **
  • IOS Native app 1.2.2 and onward (See iOS App Store)
  • Android Native app 1.2.4 and onward (See Google Play Store)

Encrypted-only connections over https to back-end service

Industry standard OAuth2 token authentication

On-device secure storage of login info to avoid repeated entry.

Total control over access to topics and recordings by individual and group access policies.

Group registration for shared topic sets.

** No support for media recording on these platforms yet due to missing standards implementation

Coming Soon

Automatic removal of silence from recordings.

Apple keychain or google account storage of secure login info.

Submissions to topics via email.

Reports of topic analysis and suggested topics.

Attachment support for slides and prepared video/audio.

Voice to text in languages other than English.