Release Status

Cloud Platform 2.5.1

Web 2.5.0

Android 2.4.11 (2.5.0 pending)

iOS 2.4.11 (2.5.0 pending)

Release History

2.5.0 Apr 12 2019

Support for FREE accounts and Team management.

Updated layout for accounts page.

2.4.0 Feb 28 2019

API changes for Basecamp support (cloud platform)

Support for multiple basecamp accounts and basecamp-2 notifications

Second pass transcription for improvements to long recordings. (cloud platform)

2.3.18 Feb 27 2019

Minor bug fixes and layout improvements

Transcription improvements for longer recordings, second pass after finishing.

Official support for Basecamp integration.

2.3.10 Feb 18 2019

Fixes to password reset page

2.3.09 Feb 17 2019

Improvements to 3rd party integrations.

2.3.1  5 Feb 2019

Improvements to look and feel.

Support new integrations with 3rd party CRM products.

2.1.0 Jan 11 2019

Support for embedding into external applications.

Layout improvements and fixes for fwd/bwd media navigation.


Fixes for persistent state in browser


Fixes for suspend/resume during recording


Improve layout and usability keyboard&button navigation and flick scroll.

User avatars.

Topic folders and archive capability

Universal links to open app from URLs.


Improvements to password change forms and update external site links from apps.


Improvements to unread message notifications and tracking


Remember last chosen speaker mode

Support service notice messages


Improved power management (preventing sleep) on iOS and Android


Search for keywords in topics from topic management page

Search within each topic from messages page

Flag to indicate topics have unread messages in topic management page

Notification alerts on iOS and Android apps

Improved device selection – now in popup window with current selection shown


Android app release


iOS app released


First public release